Chandni Kumari’s Experience of MindTree


chandni kumari – GITA, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)


Hello everyone..I would like to share my interview experience at Mindtree.

At first there was written round which involved AMCAT pattern questions of aptitude, reasoning, English and was quiet easy.

Next was coding round included 2 questions(gcd and program related to sorting using pointers).Due to the concept given by Anukampa Ma’m(especially on array and pointers) I was able to crack coding round..18 were selected out of 228.

Then next day interview held in two phases..first was TI.first of all I was asked the same program which was there in coding round. Then around 5-10 programs from array and string was asked..A BIG THANX TO ANUKAMPA MA’M.who taught pointers so well that I solved most of my programs using pointers which impressed the  interviewer..Ma’m has  given the concept to do program efficiently.


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