How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

It is the thought of having to answer technical questions makes most job seekers really anxious in a campus interview. A technical interview for Engineering/MCA students not only requires more preparation; it is more in depth in that the interviewee must demonstrate his ability to solve problems. Within a time span of 20 – 40 minutes one needs to prove his/her technical excellence. The key to doing well in a technical interview is being able to confidently demonstrate or showcase your knowledge. The following are certain points one should keep in mind while preparing.

  1. Make a list of the technical skills that you are confident with as those subjects you need to give maximum emphasis on. And do not mention any subject you are not confident about.
  2. The projects that you have undertaken have to be prepared well. Review all the technology you have used in the project and prepare the documentation which you can produce during the interview if allowed.
  3. Search for the company’s website and learn as much as you can about the company with which you are interviewing. Make a note of the recent projects they have undertaken and which are the various technologies they are using etc.
  4. Gather your study materials and take a few days to study them. Instead of attempting to memorize all of the information in your technical books and notes, study the subjects you are good in and give a overlook on others. Give yourself some time to look over the study materials as this will help you remember the information.
  5. Your success in a technical interview depends more on your ability to solve problems than it does on how much information you can recite from memory. Reviewing case studies, word problems and brainteasers is a good way to develop your problem-solving skills.
  6. Be prepared to deliver. Technical interviews often involve using a whiteboard or blank piece of paper to solve problems and demonstrate skills. An interviewer will ask you to do this in order to test your communication skills and determine what your thought process is when you solve problems. Your studies should include solving complex problems on paper. You should practice explaining the solution to the problems as you write them down
  7. Practice answering interview questions. Now that you have studied and feel ready to answer any technical questions that the interviewer might ask you, you should focus on being confident during your interview. Maintaining good eye contact, sitting up straight and expressing your enthusiasm throughout the interview are just as important as demonstrating your skills. The best way to practice for your interview is to answer the questions out loud or in front of someone. Observe your body language and continue practicing until you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  8. Review your resume. The best way to prove your technical skills is by reviewing the different ways in which you have used your skills in project works. Interviewers will often ask you about the different ways you’ve used your skills to solve problems and develop new procedures. You must respond to these questions by describing different work situations you have encountered and how you have accomplished difficult tasks or finished projects.
  9. Find something comfortable and professional to wear to your interview. While the focus of your technical interview is to determine whether or not you have the technical skills to do the job, your appearance is just as important. As the saying goes “First impression lasts long” – you only get one opportunity to make a positive first impression, and what you wear to the interview reveals a lot about your character. In researching the employer, you may have noticed that casual attire is allowed, but this dress code does not apply to you. Wear a formal wear that is comfortable and fits well.

Wish you all the best !!!

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