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OEC16 - AbhishekAbhishek Swain –  OEC, Bhubaneswar (2012 – 2016)

Hello all,
I am Abhishek Swain from Orissa Engineering College (OEC) Bhubaneswar from the batch of 2012-2016. I am one of the lucky students among the 176 students out of the 700 of the college, who have got the chance of being a part of TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) in the year of 2015.
Starting from the final year of engineering till you got placed once, the journey is really fantastic and it’s like thriller. The preparations which included the searching of the previous year placement papers over the internet, asking seniors how the preparations should be done, what had they done to get through it, how is the interview is taken all those stuffs were really a crucial part of the journey. To make it even swifter Anukampa Mamm and Sumit Sir were present over there, till now also. Let me share my experience of the interview for TCS and I hope somebody will gain some benefits from here.
Let me tell you over here that I belong to the branch of Electrical Engineering. Being from an non-it background still you should have the basic knowledge of the programming and computers. After all you are appearing for an IT company who deals with software. Basic knowledge of programming like C, C++ is really required for a non IT student and further knowledge of the DBMS, OS are the cheery on the cake.
TCS had come to our college for two days of campus recruitment drive. The process started around 10 O’clock in the auditorium where all the aspirants were gathered along with the placement cell of the college and the people from TCS. There slotting of the students for the written test was done. Then around 11am the first slot students were headed for the computer labs for the written test. All arrangements for the written test were done previously and each student was provided with one system each.
The duration of the written test was 90mins from which 10mins was for the e-mail writing and rest 80mins were for the QA test which consists of 30ques. Be attentive of the clock which will be provided on the right corner of the system. Time goes really fast over there and yes calculators are allowed.
In the e-mail writing there was a scenario given and some phrases were also given. Read the scenario correctly and the outlines too because failing of using the outlines as it is and out of the scenario leads to negative marking. Be quick and accurate to the keyboard and limit the word length maximum 100.
Then after 10 min there was a gap of 10 sec and the screen automatically switched to the QA section. Out of the 30 question in the QA section 2 question were star marked(*) which carried higher marks and the negative marking were also more on them. So attempt the questions on which you are pretty sure. I attempted 22 and on all I was pretty confident.
In the evening, around 7 O’ clock again all were gathered in the auditorium for the announcement of the result of the written test. At 8 O’ clock the people from TCS came to the stage for announcing. Out of all 264 students got through the process. And then we had to submit our application forms and were told to come in the morning 7:30 am for the PI round.
In the PI round TCS has basically 3 rounds i.e. Technical, HR and MR. In the morning the PI round was started at 9:30 am and in the 1st slot of the PI I was there. There were 25 panels each consisting of 2 members. And my TR+HR were done at the same time. They asked about some questions related to electrical branch and questions form C and C++ like OOPS concepts, arrays, structures etc. In the HR round the lady asked me about the music and recent movies. Important point over here is they won’t be interested in the answer rather they will mark you whether you are justifying yourself what you have mentioned in the CV or not. So be prepared for questioned to be asked upon the points mentioned in the CV. Keep it Short and Simple. Some of the questions which they had asked I am mentioning them below.
Q) Tell me about yourself
Ans: Given (with a positive smile)
Q) Rate yourself in C and C++ out of 10
Ans: I told 6. Then he had given me to right the logic of a matrix program using the loops and I had written that.
Q) What is a transformer and what are the types of transformer
Ans: Told
Q) Kinds of motors
Ans: Told
Q) Which motor is used in case of trains
Ans: Told and explained the mechanism
Coming to HR questions
Q) What are you hobbies and interests?
Ans: Told (In addition to it you can mention some kind of other interests which has some relevance to the job)
Q) What is soft rock music? (As I mentioned listening to music in my interests)
Ans: Told
Be specific in your CV while mentioning the hobbies and interests, otherwise there will be lots of missiles in the form of questions will be launched towards you and it will be very difficult to tackle. If don’t know the answer of a question, don’t feel shy to say sorry, but politely.
After a gap of 6 hours in the evening around 5:30pm I was called for the MR round. There was only one person in the MR panel. And my MR round continued for 1hr and asked me
about the location constraints and etc. Here all he had to do was to put me in trouble by questioned over every point what I told. They only see how you manage the stress in different situations. Here also I kept myself calm and answered each question with a smile. It went quite easily and softly.
Again back to the auditorium for the announcement of the final results. Lots of hope, lots of anticipation and the tense atmosphere was prevailing over there. And finally in the midnight the result was announced. The recruitment head of the TCS east announced the names of the TCSers in a rocketed speed.
And YES TCS IT IS. I found my name in the flow of the names of the students.
I must say during this journey starting from the preparations till the mid night of 19th September Anukampa mamm and Sumit sir had guided to a lot more extent which gave me such confidence that I could make it and it happened. Anukampa mamm’s JBC classes made a quick recap of the basic programming subjects where Sumit Sir’s guidance to face the interview and how to write a proper CV had made this possible.

Thank you sir and mamm for your support and guidance.

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