Amarendra’s experience of Tech Mahindra


Amarendra Pattnaik – GEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017) 
Tech Mahindra.

Hello Everyone!!

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
– Albert Einstein

 Before I start, I would thank Anukampa mam for her help and support. Without her help, it would not be possible for me. Thank you so much mam. I am obliged to you.

I am Amarendra Pattnaik, from Gandhi Engineering College pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I want to share my interview experience of Tech Mahindra.

I hope it will be helpful.

The recruitment process of Tech Mahindra consists of 4 round:-

  1. Written Round
  2. Story Writing
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview


It consisted of 75 questions to be answered in 50 minutes.

Written is divided into 7 modules:
1.     General English 1 [nearly 10 questions].
2.     General English 2 [nearly 10 questions].
3.     Quantitative [nearly 11 questions].
4.     Reading Comprehension [nearly 07 questions].
5.     Reasoning paragraph [nearly 11 questions].
6.     Verbal Reasoning [nearly 21 questions].
7.     Non-verbal Reasoning [nearly 5 questions] [only figures analogies].

Each of the sections had sectional cut-off about 70%. So you have to go through all the sections. And there is no negative marking.

After the written test, the result gets displayed then and there only if selected then congratulations message appears. Then proceed to story writing.


In this round a picture is given and we need to form a story with suitable heading and content. The story must be of 200 words (approximately 1200 characters) within a time limit of 15 minutes. Be sure that not to make any spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. And also have a good typing speed.


After the results of story writing I was chosen for technical interview. It was one-to-one interview.

The following questions I encountered during the interview.

  • Asked about my profile and said Amarendra, tell me briefly about yourself.
  • So you know C and C++. What all programs do you know?

        I said factorial of a number using recursion, multiplication of a number, Fibonacci series. Then he asked me to write the logic of the Fibonacci series. After this he gave an array consisting of some integer elements and asked how you will know whether the elements in the array are even or odd?

  • Do you read newspaper?
  • Tell me about your native place as a story.
  • There are so many core companies like DRDO, ISRO, BARC you have good core knowledge. Why do you want join Tech Mahindra?
  • What will you do if you don’t have the skills required by the company?
  • How long you think you will work for the company after getting this job?
  • And at last he asked you will be placed anywhere in India. Are you ready for this?

After that he said to me do you have any question to ask.

This marked the end of my technical interview.


After getting select getting in Technical Interview, I was called for HR round. It was a one-to-four interview.

  • The HR asked what are you pursuing and what is your favourite subject?
  • Then he asked why IT?
  • Any questions you want to ask.

This marked the end of hr round.

Answer accordingly. Don’t hesitate. Just be confident about what you are saying. And be positive.

Wish you all the best and a bright future ahead.

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