Aurobinda’s Experience of TCS


Aurobinda Mohanty – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)


“The best way to achieve success is to start and never stop until you reach there. If you reach there then there was no there. There is something beyond that. ”

Before I begin, I would like to thank Anukampa Madam for being the pillar of support.

I am Aurobinda Mohanty from Orissa Engineering College, Computer Science and Engineering Branch (2013-2017).I just want to share my interview experience so it may be helpful for you in future.

To start with TATA Consultancy Services has 3 basic rounds.

  1. Email – writing +Aptitude
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR/Managerial Interview

Note-There is no limitation on how many interviews you were supposed to give before getting selected finally. It basically depends on how well you perform in the first interview.

ROUND  1: Email – Writing + Aptitude

Few keys words and a relevant situation will be given. Basically you have to write a correct email using all the words given to include. The basis of rejection in email-writing is incorrect spellings, incorrect grammar and inappropriate use of punctuations marks like comma(,),full-stop(.).

Tips and Tricks – Since it’s the first round wait for instructions of the invigilator/instructor from TCS. Keep calm and understand the instructions well then start logging in into your allocated system.


My panel consisted of two members. I was asked both technical and hr questions.

Few questions are mentioned below:-

1.Tell me something about yourself.

I introduced myself and described a bit about my personality. And most importantly I mentioned the areas e.g. I like programming and coding part.

  1. I was asked to write a few programs like linked list.

I was interrupted in the mid and the panelist said its fine enough. Since I mentioned Data structure as one of my favourite paper I was asked about sorting, stack and queue.

Note-Be sure about what paper you are mentioning as your favourite paper. Prepare it really well.

3.Then a few conceptual questions were asked like

-What is pointer ?

-What is an array ?

-Explain the features of C++ along with examples of each.

-What are various OSI layers?

-What is deadlock ?

4.More programs were given to write but easy ones

-Swapping of two numbers without using 3rd variable.

-Adding two numbers usinig pointers.

No more technical questions were asked. Hr questions were asked after that.

5.I mentioned my hobby as organizing events and playing outdoor games.

-A few questions were asked about cricket and events.


Here my panel consisted of only one madam who seemed to be very strict. After the formalities I was asked to sit. It was the toughest round I faced which went on for 45 minutes. Below I have mentioned few questions I was asked and how I answered them-

1.Why TCS ?

Answer-TCS is one of the leading software companies right now in the market which contributes almost 75% to the revenue of the TATA group. So I would be privileged to be a part of TCS and contribute to it.

2.What if you get rejected ?

Answer-TCS is a very big platform and it would definitely hurt to get eliminated from here. But I am quite sure that there would be few flaws for which I can get eliminated and in future I would love to work on them.

3.Tell me something about your hobby and interest.

Answer-As I have mentioned in my CV I answered it as organizing events and playing outdoor sports. So I was interrupted with few cross questions like Is this the reason why you are joining TCS ?…to which I politely replied my priority has always been the areas I learnt during my engineering and these are the other ways in which I can contribute.

4.Lets discuss your project.

a.So tell me is your project a product or a service ?

b.explain about it and draw ER diagram.

c.How do you think it will compete with the services of the company(since my project is a service)

d.Give a real life example of how it will work.

e.Why incident management(it’s the topic of my project) ?

f.Whyperl ? What’s actually perl ?

This ended our discussion on our project.

5.What if we will ask you to join Chennai for 6 years ?

Answer – I would love to join. I have heard a lot about Chennai branch of TCS.

6.Are you comfortable working during night shift ?

Answer- Yes madam.

7.How would you assign work to group members if 3 members are very efficient and 3 members are a bit less efficient and you are the group leader.

Answer-Instead of dividing work into equal segments, I would rather assign easier work and less important work to the persons who have less efficiency and tougher work for more efficient people. I would like to take a bit of more responsibility myself.

Or else other way is to make sub group of 2s consisting an efficient and non efficient worker.

8.How would you resolve conflict between two workers ?

Answer-By making them sit together and asking them to resolve the issues. I believe proper and frank communication can be a solution to the problem.

That was the end of the Managerial Interview. A result verification round was there which was a mere formality I guess.

A few DOs and DONTs for the interview-

-Be sure about whatever you are writing in CV.

-For boys don’t carry cell phones or wallet in your pocket to the interview room. It’s quite uncomfortable to sit.

Knowing the answers is good but being able to explain them is much more important.

-Be clear about the basics of your branch papers.

-Before entering into any interview room take a deep breath enter the room with positive frame of mind.

Thank you ans All The Best!!!


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