Print Reverse Lines

Code Id 9
Date Updated 3/7/2010
Title Print reverse lines  
Write a program that reads a series of lines and prints the lines in reverse order: the last line, then the next-to-last line, etc.

You may assume that there are at most 1000 lines. You may assume that each line has at most 1000 characters.
You may assume that the last line of input ends with a newline.

For example, if the user types
   a test.
then your program will print
   a test.
in the order shown. 
Codes Snippet

char x[1001000];
int xlen = 0;

int y[1001];
int ylen = 0;

int main(void)
  char c;
  int i;
  int j;

  y[ylen++] = 0;

  while (scanf("%c",&c) == 1)
    if (xlen < 1001000) {
      x[xlen++] = c;
      if (c == 'n')
        if (ylen < 1001)
          y[ylen++] = xlen;

  for (i = ylen - 1;i > 0;--i)
    for (j = y[i - 1];j < y[i];++j)

  return 0;

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