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Date Updated 12/8/2010
Title Display tip of the day  
Often when we start a Windows application once the application window is displayed a Tip of The Day dialog gets displayed inside the window. If you observe the dialog box in Figure, you can locate a small check box at bottom left corner. When the 'Tip of The Day' dialog appears for the first time the checkbox stands checked. If you want that next time you start the application the dialog should not appear then you can uncheck the check box before dismissing the dialog. But how would the application come to know that second time around it should not display the dialog. This is achieved by storing the status of the check box in what is known as Windows Registry. As said earlier, if the check box is unchecked when the dialog appears for the first time then the dialog would not be displayed when you run the application for the second time. However, if you still wish to pop the dialog you can do so by selecting the 'Tip' menu item.  
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