Helpfile For Html

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Date Updated 12/8/2010
Title Helpfile for html  
Since the advent of Internet Explorer 4.0 Microsoft has provided a new help system called HTML Help. A lot many software's still use the earlier Win Help system (discussed in the last two sections). But, it appears that sooner or later it would phase out. The HTML Help system brings online help into the web age. HTML Help is a program that allows you to create help files or Web pages in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It uses the underlying components of Microsoft Internet Explorer to display help content. It supports HTML, Active X, Java, scripting (JavaScript and VB Script), and HTML image formats (�.jpeg�, �.gif�, �.png�).
zip HTML Help.rar
Codes Snippet
#include "myframe.h"
#include "myapp.h"

myapp a ;

BOOL myapp::InitInstance( )
        myframe *p ;
        p = new myframe ;
        p -> ShowWindow ( SW_SHOWNORMAL ) ;
        m_pMainWnd = p ;
        return TRUE ;

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