J.Ruchika’s Experience of MindTree


J. Ruchika – GITA, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)


I am J.Ruchika , GITA. I would like to share my interview experience at Mindtree.

We had two day campus drive of Mindtree. On day 1 , we had our written and coding test . Written test comprised of aptitude , reasoning and English , and all those who cleared it were only allowed to sit for coding test.

Coding test comprised of 2 questions , which were to be completed in 45 mins . My first question was a pattern and second one was matching array indices with elements stored in the array and swapping so that they are arranged respectively. After clearing coding test ,on day 2 we had our interviews .

First it was technical interview we had to attend . My interviewer asked to write and explain the code which I wrote , both my questions he asked were from strings , of which one was printing no.of spaces in the input and other was printing the no. And places of vowels in my name. He asked few questions testing for my fundamentals. He asked me a bunch of questions regarding what will I choose between Mindtree and Microsoft/core company. Immediately after completing my TI I was called in for PI where they asked me about my background details.
Thanks to ANUKAMPA Madam , she helped us a lot in preparation of our coding test as well as technical interview.

ALL THE BEST  for all those preparing for campus.

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