Kumari Pooja’s Experience of TCS


Kumari Pooja – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hi all!

Myself  KUMARI POOJA from Orissa engineering college(OEC), I would like to take this moment to express my heartiest thanks to  JBC (JUST BEFORE CAMPUS) classes and Anukampa mam who dedicated her utmost for making us understand each small bit of programming.

I have qualified TCS on campus drive. In my technical round , these were the questions asked:-

1 what is networking? what is the basic idea of networking?

2 what are the types of networking?

3  How  can you  connect these computers to the server?

4 What is modem and router?

5 In which field you want to work in TCS?

6 As you are from ENTC ,how can you get  your kind of job here and how you will fulfil that?

7 What are the technologies upon which TCS is working right now?

8 How many employees are working in TCS?

9 Tell me about TCS?

10 Do you find relocation as a problem for you?

11 Difference between call by address and call by reference?

12 What you find different in Jharkhand and Orissa cultures? what you learned in these years ?

13 Have you met any MLA during HBC?

14 Who is the founder of TCS?

15  Can you print your name using c language?

16 What is pointer?

17 What is class? Different types of class?

18 What is inheritance? Give me real life examples to make me understand inheritance concept?

19 AS you said TCS won many award , tell me where n what is the importance of that?

20 What is variable?

21 What is polymorphism?

22 What is stack ?

23 Wap for deletion using stack?

24 What is string?

25 Why we use conio.h?

Then HR round started. After 6 hours ,I called up for stress round.



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