Kundan’s Experience of MindTree

Kundan Kumar

Kundan Kumar – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2012 – 2016)

Hi everyone,

I am a student of Orissa Engineering college. I want to thank to my parents, God and my mentors for their every support. I believe whatever experience I am sharing will help you at least in some parts of your interviews.

There were actually 4 rounds.


This test consists of three sections(quantative, logical and verbal). Timing is the most important cause for this round . You can only move to next question only if you complete 1 question. No negative marks are there for a wrong answer.

  • PART A: VERBAL ABILITY-25 questions-25 minutes
  • PART B: QUANTATIVE APTITUDE-25 questions-30 minutes
  • PART C: REASONING-24 questions-25 minutes

170 students attended this round from our college from which 25 students qualified to next round.


2 Programs were given to each of the student. Students need to write only the main code of the program. They can write it by using C, C++ or Java. To clear this round one must be very sound and good in programming and writing codes. Only 8 students cleared this round. I was asked one pattern type program and one logical program from array.



This was the most challenging round for students. In my technical interview I was asked questions from 5 technical subjects. Let me mention every question along with subject name which I was asked.

DATABASE:- normalization(1st and 3rd normal form), generalization, aggregation, one query from single line function.

C Programming: Program execution process, Concept of array and pointer(like how an array is stored in the memory, what is a generic pointer etc), difference between structure and union, programs(fibonnaci series, pallindrome of string, call by value and call by reference).

Data structure: What is Data Structure, concept of stack, queue and linked list.

JAVA:- What is Inheritence explain it with an example.

Operating Syatem: Deadlock, Paging and Segmentation.

2 students cleared this round.


After successfully qualifying Technical round, I was very confident and only this confidence let me successfully qualified this round or it helped to get hired. The questions I was asked are:

Tell me about yourself, as I am good in singing they asked me a question from there so choose your words wisely in the HR round, what is a smart work and hard work and in which work do you believe most and why, who is your role model and why, tell me about this company(in 30 words).

Lastly I want to share one important thing, I joined a JBC(Just Before Campus) training program. MrsAnukampaBehera is teacher for this specific training program. She taught us 10 core technical subjects under this program which created the strong base for me to take on the technical rounds. The important thing about this program is that Anukampa mam used to teach students by providing a very thorough knowledge of topics. This helped me to get this job and will help me always in every phase of my life. THANK YOU MAM AND THANK YOU JBC .



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