Nidhi’s Experience of MindTree


Kumari Nidhi – GITA, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hello Everyone !

I’m Kumari Nidhi,EEE branch from GITA college, Bbsr. I would like to share with you all my Mindtree campus interview experience.

The Interview process for Mindtree : 
Shortlisted candidates for the interview from Gita, Gift CUTM and IIIT were called at CUTM for the Technical interview and HR round.
Recommendations for HR round was made for those candidates who qualified satisfactorily in the Technical round.
The interview took place in two slots wherein IIIT and CUTM students were interviewed in the first slot whereas the students of GIFT n GITA were interviewed after the lunch break.

My interview took place from 5:45 pm to 6:20pm.
It was a one to one panel so I found it bit relaxing. The interviewer asked me questions and program from abstract class, inheritance, function overloading and basic properties of oops in C++. He also gave me two puzzles two solve mentally while I was writing down the programs
He further asked me about the programs on pattern printing and Fibonacci series.
I had answered the questions satisfactorily and was recommended for the hr round.

HR round was a rather friendly interview wherein they asked me to introduce myself and asked Me about places I have travelled as I had mentioned Traveling as my hobby.HR interview went smoothly and they said that they will come back to me if something positive was there.
After half an hour the results were declared and my happiness knew no bounds when my name was announced among the final shortlisted candidates for joining Mindtree.

The training I received at my college from Anukampa Mam was really very helpful as it helped me to not only brush up on my concepts in C and C++ but it also helped me to know about  important things asked in interviews. The way Mam taught us each concept using block diagrams made a clear picture of the topic in the mind and it really helped to grasp them easily. For the programing part, it was because of these concepts and few YouTube videos which helped me to crack the rigorous selection procedure of Mindtree.
To excel in any of the programing language, the manner in which Anukampa Mam explains every topic is creative and one does not need to look back on the notes, it automatically gets registered in the mind. Thank you so much Mam for the valuable knowledge you have imparted to us😃


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