Nikita’s Experience of TCS


Nikita Agarwal – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hi All, I am Nikita Agarwal from Orissa Engineering College, Computer Science and Engineering branch.As I was a direct PI candidate the only written test I needed to clear is e-mail round. Here I am sharing my interview experience with TCS.

The questions asked to me in technical round were:


1.WAP to check whether the no. is pallindrome or not? Explain with an example.
2.WAP to print 1
3.Different types of control statement?
4.what is syntax of ‘for’ control statement?
5.What will happen if we forget to put ; in a statement while writing a program?
6.What is #?
7.What is the work of #?
8.Why printf,scanf is used?
9.What is header file?
10.Why we use format specifier?
11.Difference b/w multiple if and nested if?
12.Example of nested for?
13.What are the things that you should think before writing a program?..With this question they tried to take me towards sdlc.
14.What is SDLC?
15.What are the activities of SDLC?
16.Different models of SDLC?
17.Describe Agile model?
18.On which model your project is working?
19.What is the difference between verification and validation?
20.What is polymorphism? Give a real life example?
21.WAP explaining overloading and overriding?
22.WAP to check a no. is armstrong or not?Give an example.
23.Explain your project?Draw and make me understand.
24.What was your role in the project?
25.What is garbage?
26.What is inline function?
27.Difference b/w function and inline function?
28.Difference b/w while and do-while?
29.What is infinite loop?
30.What is inheritance,its type?
31.Difference b/w break and exit?
32.Current IT trends?

I am thankfull to Anukampa maam, This would not be easy without her help.


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