Preeti’s Experience of TCS


Preeti Kumari – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hello Everyone,
I am Preeti Kumari from Orissa Engineering College,
Electronics and Telecommunication branch. I have
cracked the TCS interview in our campus placement.
Sharing some experience with you all.


I went through one Technical and one HR Round. The
questions asked were:

1> What is OOPS and POOPS?
2> Explain with some example.
3> What is nested if?
4> What is call by value and call by reference?
5> What is an array?
6> What is pointer?
7> Can we use function within function?
8> What is polymorphism?
9> Can you explain static and dynamic polymorphism?
10> What did you do in your training? (from my CV)
11> Explain your project.
12> What was your role in project?
13> What is diod? Tell me real life example.
14> Any thing else you know apart from that is
mentioned in your CV? (I had mentioned C and C++ in
CV and told about Operating system and Data

No further questions from technical.

HR Questions:
1> define your name
2> What is your biggest achievement?
3> Why TCS?
4> Who is the IT minister of Odisha and India?
5> Can you handle stress?
6> Are you good in Maths? Then I was asked to solve
a math problem which was easy enough.
7> Any problem in signing the bond or relocations?

That was all !

I am really thankful to CITZEN and JBC classes. It
really helped me at the very last moment specially
the JBC program.
And Anukampa Mam, Thank you so much ! It would not
have been possible without your support and those so
clear concepts you gave.

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