Priyaranjan’s experience of TCS


Priyaranjan Padhan – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

“Success is not something which comes to you overnight, you have to work for it.”

Hi All, I am Priyaranjan Padhan from Orissa Engineering College, Computer Science and Engineering branch. Here I am sharing my interview experience…………

First of all, I would like to thank Anukampa ma’am for making us motivated and the way she taught us “C”, on the very first PPT class, was amazing. I had never understood “C” that much conceptually but after that I started loving “C”. Thank you ma’am for your endless effort to make us able to crack TCS interview in an easy manner.

The recruitment process of TCS is very simple. It basically consists of 3 rounds:

  1. Written Test (Verbal ability and Aptitude).
  2. Technical PI
  3. HR/MR

The 1st round consists of two tests and the time duration is of 90 minutes. First 10 minutes is for E-mail writing, in which you will be given certain number of phrases and a situation. Since this will be checked by the computer itself, meaning is not that much important but try to make it relevant to the storyline.There should not be any grammatical errors, so try to make easy and short sentences with the given phrases and most importantly use all the phrases in the given order.

The second part of 1st round is the Aptitude test. There are 30 questions and you will be given 80 minutes but the questions are quite difficult. R S Agarwal is not going to help you to crack this written test. You can go through, where you can find the previous year questions for TCS. If you know the concepts then you can easily solve the problems.

Then comes the main test, the TECHNICAL PI. First of all you have to be very confident and confidence will automatically come if you know the concepts very well. They will try to make you confuse on certain situations but you have to stick to the answers. Try to use pen and paper to explain everything. This makes the interview more interesting. My Technical PI round lasted for around 55 minutes, first they made me comfortable with some easy questions then they proceed to the technical questions. Those questions were:

  1. Why Orissa Engineering College?
  2. Rate your college.
  3. Rate yourself in your favorite subject.
  4. What is linear DSTC? Explain Single, Double & Circular Linked list.
  5. What are the different types of Sorting?
  6. Explain Merge Sort with an example.
  7. Write down the algorithm for Bubble Sort.
  8. Advantages of JAVA over C++.
  9. What is a thread and thread synchronization?
  10. What is polymorphism? Write a program to implement static polymorphism.
  11. What is your project? Briefly explain.
  12. SQL for database updation.
  13. There were two output type questions based on the concepts of loops and increment/ decrement operator. ( They will make you confuse on these types of questions)
  14. How to print a pop-up message in HTML?
  15. A mathematical puzzle was there.
  16. What is Cyber Security?
  17. Do you like Hacking?
  18. Do you have any questions for us?

This comes to an end of my Technical interview.

If you do well in the Technical PI, you will be sent to the HR round. And there is no specific number of rounds, it depends upon your performance of Technical PI. After my Technical PI, I was immediately sent to the HR panelist and the panelist was very strict. Then my interview started and the questions were:

  1. Tell me something about yourself. (most common question for an interview. So you have to give your best shot on this question because this answer leads to further questions which may go in favor of you.)
  2. Why TCS?
  3. Are you aware of current affairs? If yes, how?(he asked me about my favorite news show and anchor for the show).
  5. What is GST?
  6. What is your hobby? ( I have mentioned writing poems as my hobby so he told me to read a poem)
  7. Are you ready for relocation?
  8. Why you?
  9. What is cloud computing? Why it is named cloud?
  10. What is BIGDATA and HADOOP?

This interview was going good until the last question was asked. I was not able to explain BIGDATA and HADOOP very well but somehow I managed the situation. So certain things I learnt from my first interview…these are……..

  • So if you are going for an HR interview you have to prepare everything because questions can be asked from anywhere.
  • And most importantly don’t copy the resume from anyone. The resume is the reflection of your personality, so don’t fake anything. Mention only what you are and try to relate every points of your resume to a story.
  • Have sufficient water so that you can speak well and it makes your voice clear and audible.
  • Take a deep breath before entering the room, it makes you confident.
  • Last but not the least, believe in yourself.

This can be the most memorable day of your life so give your best shot and All the very best for your future……..thank you ma’am for making my day…….

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