Projects In VC++ (Utility Softwares)

MyZip – A Compression – Extraction utility Software

Brief Description: The objective of doing this project is to learn a standard compression technique and implement it. The compression software that would be developed should be capable of compressing any file (text or binary). The software should ensure that when the ZIP file is password protected the list of files in the ZIP file should not get displayed. It should use a proprietary scheme to store multiple compressed files in one ZIP file and hence the zipped file cannot be opened in the WinZip application. The password protection scheme should also be proprietary. The interface should be user friendly and it should be able to zip an entire directory with sub-directory. Additionally there should be a display of a progress bar in the status bar of the application window while Compression or Extraction is in progress.

Value added Service for Mobile users

Reminder Facility

Brief Description: The mobile phones we use now a days have a reminder facility, where you can set the reminder with date and timing. The project aims for a desktop implementation of some added facilities:

  1. Automatic reminder setting: But sometimes for some requirements setting reminder becomes cumbersome. For example: Suppose we want to boil milk. So we put it on the oven and leave it. If there after we want to be reminded after 15 minutes of time, then you have to check the timing, calculate the time after 15 minutes (Say approximately milk takes 15 minutes to boil), put the date and time and set it which itself takes 5 minutes to set. There if there is a facility available where a set of reminders one can fix previously and can choose one when needed. In this case if the person “chooses boiling milk” then the device automatically reads the required time, adds it to the current timing and sets the reminder automatically.
  2. Online Guidance through phone: Suppose somebody downloads a recipe and starts cooking following it. Then in this case this reminder program keeps on guiding the user how to proceed in the particular time intervals. Example: One has collected all the ingredients and put it on the oven in simmer flame. Then after 10 minutes he/she should add some more things to it and then after 15 minutes he/she gets a reminder of what to do next. So even if somebody is alone or first time getting settled somewhere he/she finds a virtual guide with him/her who helps him/her in cooking.

Voice Response System

Brief Description: This is all about facilitating the user to receive a voice mail always in his mother tongue, which helps the user who is not much conversant in English even if he is in a foreign land and doesn’t understand the local language totally.
For example: Whenever we get voice mail in India, we generally receive it in 3 languages – English, Hindi and local state language. Take the case of a user in a foreign state where he doesn’t understand anything about the local language. In that case he has to learn either Hindi or English, otherwise he finds it extremely difficult to understand voice mail. Even the same thing is applicable when he goes outside India.
So an intelligent voice response system has to be designed that from the user’s profile it reads the language and other information and directly communicates with the user in his own language.

Offline Browser

Brief Description: Often we visit sites and find a page of information important. Internet explorer provides a way to download this page for later viewing. But if too many pages are found to be important and useful or if say the complete site is of interest then visiting these many pages and saving them online would be very expensive. What is required is a way to save all the required pages of a site and later view them offline. This would be very cheap.
The project aims at developing such software. The software starts off with an http link provided to, it. This page is downloaded. Next, all the links in this page are found out and are downloaded too. The newly downloaded pages are again searched for further links. The process continues till the maximum links specified by the user have been downloaded or till the complete site is downloaded. While downloading check is being made for duplicate links and if found ignored. Also links to the current page with bookmarks are ignored.
There has to be an option for specifying the target folder for these downloaded files. If the target folder doesn’t exist then the software should be capable of creating one. The application should use a worker-thread to download the files. After a link is downloaded its details: size, status link name etc. are displayed in a list control. The software should have its own browser.

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