Projects In VC++ (Video Games)

  1. Car Racing
  2. Boxing
  3. Anti-Aircraft Gun

Car Racing

Brief Description: This is one of the most popular games that are being played by video game players. The project will have many cars and one car for the player and the race will be amongst them. There will be various check points that the player has to cross each of which increases his points and fuel. The game will continue till fuel is there in the players’ car. The more the player plays the higher is his score. However, in the process if the car collides with any other car then the game ends there itself.

In a small window the complete track outline should be visible along with the relative positions of various cars. Initially, the game has to be developed keeping in mind the keyboard keys. Various keys may be used for different operations. Late on, as enhancement, some gaming devices can be integrated.



Brief Description: The game is about two boxers fighting with each other. It may be a single player or a double player version. Each boxer will try to hit the other at the same time avoiding the others shots. The game will be of 12 rounds of 2 minutes each. Every time the boxer hits his opponent he scores a point and at the end of 12 rounds the boxer who scores more wins. However, there will be a scope for knockout also. The game should also have logic for situations when a boxer may fall down and then on the count of 1 to 10 he stands up.

Each boxer should have the option to stand, sit, move forward, backward and sideways. He should have various kinds of punch to throw. These shots would be implemented using various key combination of the keyboard.


Anti-Aircraft Gun

Brief Description: The game involves an anti-air craft gun and lots of bombers. The player would be manning the gun as shooter. The gun would be placed at the bottom of the screen and can move sideways. The bombers would appear at the right of the screen and would travel to the left. They may come one at a time or in groups. While traveling they will be releasing the bombs from various positions of their trajectory that will try to destroy the gun. The job of the shooter is to shoot down the planes and destroy the bombs in the air. It should also be moving laterally to save himself from the bombs. The shooter would be scoring for hitting the bombs as well as the planes.

The game may be designed in such a way that initially the planes come one at a time. But, as the play progresses their frequency of arrival increases and they start coming in groups and from various positions. Along with the lateral movement of the gun scope should also be there to change the angle of the barrel of the gun. The movement and the firing of the gun are to be done using the key combinations of the keyboard.


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