Rajat’s Experience of TCS


Rajat Gupta – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hi, I am Rajat Kumar Gupta , a student of Orissa Engineering College. I have joined ‘CITZEN’ for only 2 months for  “JBC (just before campus)” program. I got placed in TCS and its all credit goes to ‘Anukampa mam‘.  I am heartily thankful to all members of “CITZEN” ,especially ‘Anukampa mam’.

Here, I would like to share my interview experience-

In first round I was little bit nervous. When I was called , came to the panel .I wish them good afternoon mam and sir ,after that they allow me to sit .They said – are you nervous . I just said – yes mam! Little bit and again they continued the same with why ? I answered that as this is my first interview ,that’s why I am little bit nervous .  There were 3 interviewer, among them two of them asking questions from  technical and 1 person were asking HR questions .

They asked me some questions like :-

. Where are you basically from?

. What is your hobby in game?

. Which is your favourite cricketer ?

.Which movie is releasing on your favourite cricketer ?

After answering those question , they smiled and said – now, you are comfortable?

I replied- Yes mam and then they asked me to introduce yourself. I introduced myself then they asked what is your project .I explained all concept them . They questioned cross to me , and I gave them answer properly. After that they begun to smile and said that your project is nice .

Technical question for 1st round is

  • In which language you are comfortable?
  • Write a program for swapping two numbers with and without using 3rd variable?
  • What is SQL? (I replied there that mam, this is not in my syllabus)

HR questions are

1.)You are from electronics background ,why do you want to join IT industry?

2.) If you got selected ,you have assigned testing … are you comfortable with it ?

3.) What do you know about TCS?

4.) What is the number of employee in TCS?

5.) Why TCS?


In 2nd Round, it is totally technical round, there were two interviewer.

They told me to introduce yourself and asked – Since ,you are from EC background .Tell me about one subject from your  branch in which you are very much confident. I was prepared two subject ,they asked me to name one subject . I replied- Digital Electronics.

Questions are:-

  • What is Flip Flop? Difference between Flip Flop and latches?
  • Which gate is known as universal gate and why?
  • Truth table of many gates.

After that they switched to programming. They asked me that in which language you are comfortable . I replied- Sir , I am confident in C and basics of C++.They questioned

  • What is the difference between ‘C’ and ‘C++’?

They asked me – Which program have you done so far that seems most toughest in C . I answered – Its Fibonacci series. They smiled and said – I will not asked that questions to you.

  • Write a program of swapping of two numbers without using 3rd variable .
  • Write a program of addition of two numbers.
  • What is Class and Object?
  • What is Polymorphism? Give real life example to illustrate.
  • What is structure? How to declare and invoke object?
  • What is Global variable?
  • Difference between Global and local variable?


In 3rd Round ,there were only one interviewer. They asked simply about tell me about yourself and after that they did not asked a single question on technical ,rather they continued with simple conversation.

They asked

  • How you achieved such good marks in 10th?
  • Which paper was hard in 12th?
  • Your result graph is downwards .why?
  • You are preparing with which books? Why you had followed only NCERT books?
  • What do you suggest if my son wants to do engineering? Which book you would prefer to him?
  • Are you comfortable if you have been placed at a place which is far from your native place?
  • At last they said – any questions from your side?

In 4th Round , There were HR panel .They asked

  • If you got not selected then what would you lose?
  • If you are not going to lose nothing then what would you gain from these interviews?
  • What is name of your city/town?
  • What are the specification of you hometown? Why should I visit your hometown?
  • If you got placed in TCS ,What will you do for Hometown after 10 years working in TCS?


Technical Interview is the best experience for me , at that time I was not thinking about  “will I be selected “ rather I was quite happy for I have given at least all answer regarding C and C++ . I  was very confident only because of mam, the concept given by her is quite easier and understandable on my part and I deliver all the same way . And I can say “CITZEN ” is the best platform for a person which is not aware about even basics of programming language ,because  mam use to provide basic concept from beginning. They took care about each student individually and monitored properly .


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