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OEC16 - Rupali

Rupali Ghose – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2012 – 2016)

“IF all the wishes could turn true in life, then we don’t require any genie in life”, BUT WE DO and I think Anukampa madam you are my genie.:)


Hello all

I am Rupali Ghose  from Orissa Engineering College (OEC) Bhubaneswar from the batch of 2012- 2016 (CSE). I am one of the lucky students among the 176 students out of the 700 of the college, who have got the chance of being a part of TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) in the year of 2015.

I just want to share my interview experience with all you people;it may be helpful to you because I also got help in this way only during my preparation.

Basically TCS contains 3 rounds:

1) Email+ Aptitude test

2)Technical round+ Managerial round

3)HR round

The duration of the written test was 90 mins from which 10 mins was for the e-mail writing and rest 80 mins were for the QA test which consists of 30 question. Be attentive of the clock which will be provided on the right corner of the system. Time goes really fast over there and yes calculators are allowed.In the e-mail writing there was a scenario given and some phrases were also given. Read the scenario correctly and the outlines too because failing of using the outlines as it is and out of the scenario leads to negative marking. Be quick and accurate to the keyboard and limit the word length maximum 100.

Then after 10 min there was a gap of 10 sec and the screen automatically switched to the QA section.Out of the 30 question in the QA section 2 questions were marked star(*) which carried higher marks and the negative marking were also more on them. So attempt the questions on which you are pretty sure. I attempted 25 from which on 23 I was pretty confident.

In the evening, around 7 O’ clock again all were gathered in the auditorium for the announcement of the result of the written test. At 8 O’ clock the people from TCS came to the stage for announcing.A total of 264 students got through the process. And then we had to submit our application forms and were told to come in the morning 7:30 am for the PI round.

In the PI round TCS has basically 3 rounds i.e. Technical, HR and MR. In the morning the PI round was started at 9:30 am and in the 1st slot of the PI I was there. There were 25 panels each consisting of 2 members.

My HR and TR done simultaneously.

When I entered the room I saw there were two middle age people and it seemed that they were very experienced. They started smiling when they saw me standing and didn’t even tell me to sit. I said “hello panel good morning”

After giving a brief look to my cv and application form one of them asked

Qus: so Rupali beside from your cv what else you are?

Ans:  thank you sir .then started giving a brief introduction on my strength and my area of interest and my family.

Qus: Are you a only daughter of your parents?

Ans: Yes sir,smiled

Qus: Assume you are hired and location is in kerala what would you do and there is no vacation in a will you take care of your parents and how manage such pressure?

Ans: Sir my parents will feel proud if I’m going to work for such a big respective company like yours and they will support me for my work. And I think after some months I can shift my parents with me to my work place. They are able to take care of themselves

Qus: How selfish you are how can you let your parents live alone in such a age?

Ans: Sir parents took care for their children and I don’t think I’m such big enough to handle my parents beside from this they need to took care for me,smiled.

They feel impressed

Qus: How you are a self-motivating person? As I have mentioned this word in my strength.

Ans: I gave a real life scenario of my past and explained it very confidently

Qus: Why u are smiling it’s a interview process and u have to be serious?

Ans: Again smiling answered  Sir I love to spread happiness and smile give me strength to handle a situation and it would not show my inner fear.

They said simultaneously yes u have a very graceful smile

Thanking them with pleasure and my stress level goes down that moment.

Qus: Is your college providing some events and activities for interview process?

Ans: Yes sir our college proving a pre-placement classes which comprises of both technical and hr preparation. They gave us a brief knowledge what to tell and how to behave in an interview process.

Qus: Who is your ideal?

Ans :I answered very confidently that my cousin sister and AKASH GOUTAM a motivational speaker.

Encountered instantly you are a self-motivated person and you’re your ideal is a motivational speaker?

Ans: in a diplomatic manner as I have pushed myself I n negative situation and safely removed

Qus: How you consider yourself as a positive and honest person

Answered again in a diplomatic way

Qus: what you know about our company

‘Answered in an impressive manner and also mentioned that I’m frequent user of campus commune and wrote blogs there.

They again impressed and one of them asked how can I find you in that page I said smiling sir by my name Rupali Ghose.

Qus: How you retrieve data form multiple tables?

Ans: sir joins

Qus: What are the types of joins? Explain

Ans: answered them using set examples.

Qus: what is index?

Ans: I took almost 7 minutes to describe index starting from book index.

Qus: impressed what is the difference between spreadsheet and database and why database?According to you which one is better

Ans: answered correctly

Qus: what is operating system?


Qus: gave me a query to write.

Qus: what are five digital force?

Ans: this is my favouritequs and they are artificial intelligence, robotics, pervasivecomputing, cloudcomputing, big data and explained each one of them as well

One of them discussed more useful beneficiaries of cloud computing and advise me that u will get a chance to learn more in tcs .

Qus: what is hadoop?


And then I interrupted sir I’m good in c++ and java and one of them politiely said no need of that.

After this 40 minutes of long discussion they said thank you rupali  u can leave now and we will inform you soon .

Listening to them carefully I said thank you panel for ur valuable time .It was a nice experience and then frequently asked sir is my technical is done? as they asked a very little question on me in my technical round.

Then I have my answer “Don’t ask this kind of stupid question”:D

I asked them for feedback and they suggested u are very hurry while answering just be little slow.

 Thanking them with all my gratitude.


After a gap of 7 hours in the evening around 5:30pm I was called for the MR round. There was only one beautiful lady in the MR panel. And my MR round continued for 1hr. Here all she had to do was to putme in trouble by questioned over every point what I told. They only see how you manage the stressin different situations. Here also I kept myself calm and answered each question with a smile. It wentquite easily and softly.

 She scold me for my one backlog and one year drop

After entering in the mr room apart from me two of my classmates randomly called and we all have our mr round simultaneously and she gave us 2 minute time to discuss about each other and asked to introduce as other person.

We  done this task.

Then she asked me rank yourself I said 8 then two of my classmate answered the same she again scold us.

Then she put us on very odd and diplomatic situation ans somehow we all manage to handle.

Then she advise us please be specific and don’t be diplomatic just be yourself and straight forward.

Again she asked me a question what if I will send you to Kerala for 5 years in night shift and your husband and family is in Orissa how will you handle this.

Answered it as mam I m the one who need the job company doesn’t need me .

Whatever the situation I ll be having I can handle it without giving priority to my personal comforts.

She impressed and said us to leave.

After that again in a group 30 to 40 aspirants were called randomly in a room for their document verification as they have any back log or any criteria which aspirants don’t met.

It was very thrilling.

Again back to the auditorium for the announcement of the final results. Lots of hope, lots of anticipation and the tense atmosphere was prevailing over there. And finally in the midnight the result was announced. The recruitment head of the TCS east announced the names of the TCSers in a rocketed speed

  : D J

 I found my name in top 5 computer science got selected for IT IS stream.

 I have thanked god thanked my family thanked Anukampa mam and Sumit sir for their belief and effortless help towards me.

JBC class helped me a lot for my technical preparation and in every single day of this class I have corrected myself.

MAM motivate me a lot and scold me too as I have lack of confidence in me.

One line I will never forget “never blame anyone for any reason everything will happen to you just because you create those situation”

 THANK YOU  MAM AND SIR  for your endless believe in me.

AND one thing for my juniors just be confident and have an eye contact with a interviewer.

They will not listening to your answers and they will only judge how much u are convincing and how much u r up to the mark towards their point of view.Always try to make your first expression very impressive and all the best.

Never quit and never loose hope and if u are losing it then talk with mam and sir for a while your will again boost up.

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