Shikha’s Experience of MindTree


Shikha Soni – GITA, Bhubaneswar (2013 – 2017)

Hello Everyone !

I’m Shikha Soni,ECE branch from GITA college, Bbsr. I would like to share with you all my Mindtree campus interview experience.

First of all, many many many many man y thanks to Anukampa mam  without whom it would be nearly impossible to get it.

1st round was the AMCAT written test of reasoning, Aptitude and English …level of all the three : RS Aggarwal .80 out of 278 students qualified for the second round.

2nd round was Automata round on the same day .In this round, one has to run two programs successfully within 45 minutes on online compiler.Language choice is completely yours ..either c or c++ or java.For this practice programs online on gcc compiler otherwise it would be very difficult to run there …u will get so many unexpected errors there and there will be very less time.

I got two programs ,1st was to calculate GCD of two integer a and b which is a direct question and second was merge sort in array…which was indirect question… Means u have to understand from the question that what it is telling to do.
Tips: If u will compile only one program without any error and in output if u r getting at least one test case status to be correct…then u will be definitely selected and try to touch the second program,declare a variable or loop at least ….if time is less…but only after doing any one program.Definitely one out of two will be comparatively easier.I was able to run only that GCD program and got one test case correct and declared a loop in that merge sort question due to lack of time.   If you have done both successfully then its awesome.
Only 18 people out of 80 got selected for TI,PI.

TI ,PI was on next day : There were 6-7 panels…and one to one interview was there.One mam took my interview.First she asked me : Tell me something about yourself…I told for 1.5 minute.Then she asked how u came to odisha …what is special here…I told.Then she asked if u will be shifted to any other place during job period… Then will u be able to.manage…told.Then she told your favorite language is C…am I right..?… I told yes mam.
Then she asked to write a program to print all composite numbers between 1 to 20 .I tried my level best bt i think that was only 80% correct then she told me to explain..I explained nicely. She asked to write a program to print the size of an structure with some data members without using (size of). I tried .I don’t know whether it was write or wrong.Then she asked me NULL pointer,void pointer,Dangling pointer,constant pointer,void pointer…I explained all.Then she gave me 3 programs from pointer to find the output.I told all with confidence .Then she asked me what is typecasting?.. And asked 2 output programs from typedef.They were difficult to find.I told what I felt.then se asked difference between class and structure.Then she asked…can we increase the size of an array.Then what is memory leakage its concept….then what is the solution to dangling pointer.what is constructor and destructor,can constructor be overloaded?

Try to explain every answer by doing something in your rough paper …which shows u have understood it practically and that creates a nice impression. Be confident throughout the interview whether u r explaining right or wrong . Please don’t be over or under confident.My interview was of 46 minutes. It was definitely not easy and the questions were not basic ….much more than basics ..and in every question she was expecting a good explanation in addition to the mugged answer.She asked me only from c n c++.In my CV I have mentioned these two only .She didn’t ask any questions from project,training, hobby seminar etc etc… branch paper.. This depends completely on interviewer, what he or she will ask.Some of my friends were asked beyond c,c++ also like database,DS.

If you have gone through  notes of Anukampa mam  then u can easily handle these or any IT company’s interview. This I can bet you.

Then there was an HR interview in which they asked tell me about yourself ,about odisha about project,about mind tree. I think that was of 6-7 minutes only. Some questions related to me.Out of 18 , 6 students including me were selected.
Thank you.


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