Amrita Dash and Lopamudra Mansingh’s experience of Infosys

Amrita Das Lopamudra Mansingh

Amrita Dash & Lopamudra Mansingh – Silicon, BBSR(2003 – 2007)

Infosys Question


  1. A girl brought a grandfather clock. It took 7 seconds to strike 8’o clock. How many seconds does the clock take each day?
  2. Mary went for shopping. She spent ½ of her money at a shop and gave Rs 2.00 to a beggar. Then she spent remaining ½ money somewhere and gave Rs 5 to some one. She spent ½ of remaining amount of money somewhere. Then she was left with Rs 5.00 which she spent for coffee. What is the total amount that she took with her?
  3. Major got Param vir chakra on 1948. He died one thirty-ninth of his birth year. What is his birth year?
  4. There are as many birds on each tree as many trees in the garden. The birds range from 2000-2100. What is the no. of trees in the garden?
  5. One Question from critical reasoning of Barron’s.
    All those who enjoy Eliot, enjoy poet X.
    All those who enjoy X , hate Y
    There were some other conditions like this and question regarding those. Use of Venn diagrams to solve these makes it easier.
  6. In a bank robbery case 4 persons were caught. Each of them gave a statement.
    Al : Don did it
    Don : Tom did it
    Guy : I didn’t do it
    Tom : don lied that I did it
    One of them told the truth .Who is the culprit?
  7. XYZ XYZ
    + AB – AB

    Find the values of X,Y,Z while each letter represents a distinct no.
  8. Write a 5 digit no where 2 nos are prime,3rd digit is the largest no,2nd digit is the smallest,5th digit is between 1st and 2nd and ½ of 4th digit, first digit is 1 less than 3rd digit.
  9. There are 4 people- Tom, Bill, Al and Jack. Their surnames are smith, wells, Morgan and Conner. They play 4 matches. The one who wins in the first match gets Rs 10 each from rest 3. The person who wins the 2nd match gets Rs 20 each from rest 3. Winner of 3rd match gets Rs 30 each and winner of 4th match gets Rs 40 each from rest 3. If jack won the 1st match and bill, the last, and Morgan won the 2nd and smith won the 3rd match, find the respective surname of each person, given that initially Tom had the max amount of money and at the end ….. had the max amount of money.
  10. Find a 10 digit no whose 1st digit is the no. of 1’s in the number. 2nd digit is no. of 2’s and so on. The 10th digit is no. of zeroes in the number.

Find the number.

HR Round

The HR round consists of both tech and HR. But they do not put much stress on technical. If your academic record is very good then they may completely skip that. But that’s very rare, so be prepared. You may also get some puzzles to solve. You also need to have some general knowledge and keep abreast of current affairs.

They give a lot of importance to communication skills, your achievements and extra-curricular activities. Some situation reaction questions are also asked.

Carefully listen to what they say in the pre-placement talk and incorporate those in your answers. E.g. – why do you want to join this company?

You can speak about its growth rate, annual revenue and stuff like that. Always keep in mind the punchline and say that it’s in keeping with your personal vision or way of life etc. Some questions that were asked –
  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. You must have analyzed your self . What do you think how you are?
  3. Have you ever arranged any events or functions? Describe them.
  4. Are you a follower or a leader?
  5. Do you believe in autocratic or democratic leadership?
  6. PLAEP. If you arrange these letters you will get the name of a state or a country or an ocean or a fruit?
  7. Question on hobbies. The last movie that you have watched……what is the moral?
  8. Relate your career objective with your hobby.
  9. There are 3 ways to reach to the top of Mount Everest. First one is the convenient way discovered by Hillary. 2nd way is full of pitfalls. 3rd way is an unknown way but if it goes to the top of mountain it will only take ½ the time. So which way will you choose and why? (Situational questions like this)
  10. So you want to be in software? Which is your dream company? What all software companies you know? Will you leave Infosys if Wipro offers you job? Why?
  11. Question on your personality.
  12. Question on the various extra-curricular activities that you have participated.
  13. How many puzzles you attempted? Your justification to your performance.
  14. Question on strength/weakness.
  15. Any questions you would like to ask.

Keep a cool head and answer calmly and precisely. Do not stretch things for long and do not bluff. If you don’t know the answer to any question, say “I’m sorry” in the same tone of voice without getting nervous. Do not be too apologetic either. Just confident!!!

And that happens when you believe that you have the knowledge and deserve to get through that company. (If it doesn’t happen, well, then there is always a next time).

All the best…………

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