G. Ravi Sandeep’s experience of Caritor

G. Ravi Sandeep

G. Ravi Sandeep – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2002 – 2006)
CARITOR (India) Pvt. Ltd.

My experience of Caritor was very exciting .I was under a bit of pressure while appearing for Caritor since I did not get through my first campus (TCS) and left out Satyam deliberately. However I am a confident individual and always believe in myself. So I wanted to clear Caritor somehow both because of pressure and because it is a very good company (although very few people know about it).

Caritors’ criterion was 65% career. All the colleges of the state were invited. About 2000 students had turned up for the written test. The written test started at 1 o’clock. There were two groups for the written test-IT group and the non-IT group. The former comprised of electronics, IT and computer branches respectively and the latter had all other branches in it. Its implication was that non-IT group did not have technical(c/c++) test and instead had purely aptitude, reasoning and English (60 questions). On the other hand, IT group had two sections-aptitude, reasoning and English section (30 questions) and technical section(c or c++ any one) (30 questions). In any case the test was of 1 hour. Both sections tested the fundas and speed of the student. I did 25 questions from the first section and 20 questions from technical section. Although I thought I did not do that well, I was selected for the group discussion (GD).

The GD was the main elimination round in Caritor. Also, I did not know that MNCs generally conduct HR and GD together. But I always had the confidence that once I clear the written of any exam, I’ll clear the rest process and my skills backed me. So I stayed calm and pasted a smile on my face so as to look cheerful (although it took a toll of my energy since the GD started at 9.30p.m.). While our group was sitting outside before the start of the GD I made friendship with the students of different colleges and requested them to cooperate in the GD. As we entered into the room, I was a bit nervous and more so because the HR was talking to us in an American accent. But he was very friendly .he asked us to answer a few questions like our academic achievements in the past 18 months, our leisure activities and our parental background. This was the HR being conducted. Basically he looked for the consistency of career. Initially I was a bit nervous since there were so many students, but gradually I got confident as I spoke. I also came to know that I was the one with the best accent and also the most fluent in the group and this did my confidence a world of good. Then the interviewer gave us the topic ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I did not start the topic. Initially there were 4 supporters for the motion. Then I started speaking against the motion and gradually the support followed. If I wanted to oppose somebody, I would do it by asking my supporter whether he agreed with his view. In this way, I started controlling the group. Meanwhile I had also kept the plastic smile on my face and made sure the GD did not turn into a fish market (because otherwise the whole group would be scratched). At the end of it, I was completely dominant over the rest of the group.

I was confident that I would be selected and as the same happened, I was immediately called for the technical interview at about 10.00 p.m. but I was still very energetic and held on my nerves. The interviewer took me by surprise when he took me with his hand on my shoulders and more so when the first question was “what did you do to impress our HR? (Which was of course the most difficult thing to do)”? Then he continued to ask me HR questions and it never looked like a technical interview barring two occasions where he gave me a paper to write something about IT industry thinking myself to be a professional. He also gave me one program to do. I did it. I have also learnt French which was of great interest to him. Finally, after interviewing for about 15 minutes, he left me telling that he was impressed with my energy and confidence.

The results were out on the next day. I had my heart in my mouth. I would have been depressed had I not got through because I did not leave space even for luck also. But as the proverb goes “god helps those who help themselves”,

I ended up being the only one from my college who got through Caritor. All in all only 30 students had got through. Finally, my thought that ‘it’s the quality and not the quantity which matters’ was right.

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