Kusala’s experience of Kanbay

A. Kusala

A. Kusala – SIT, Bhubaneswar (2003 – 2007)

I got selected by Kanbay from the off-campus drive that took place in DRIEMS, Cuttack in March, 2006. The recruitment process consisted of three rounds – written, GD and Interview and was spread over 2 days. On the first day, it was only written and on the second the other two rounds.


Following are the questions that were there in the set that I appeared.

1. A person starts walking to his home..first he walks 5 m northeast an then turns right n walks 5 m south east and then turns right and walks 5 m southwest and then turns right and finally walks 5 km north west..how far is he from starting point.

2. There are 500 students out of which 320 eat fish and 250 eat eggs and 150 eat both. Find the number of students who neither eat fish nor eat eggs.

3. A question similar to this was given on veg and non veg, Very long one, 4 questions based on this.

4. In a group of people 600 are Non-veg and 400 are Veg. Of these 150 are both Non-Veg and Veg. In the Non-Veg 300 eat Mutton and 400 eat Chicken.(i) Find the number of people who eat only Non-Veg Mutton.(ii) Who eat only Veg.

5. Person travels 20km towards North, he takes left and travels for 15km, and then he takes left and travels for 20km. In what direction is the traveling now?

6. If TRUCK = 25 and DERIVE = 36 , What is CAPTAIN ? Similar question was given ,it was multiple of 6 as far as I remember.

7. A is 7th from the left, B is 9th from the right, if they exchange A is 11th from the left. The total number of persons is.

8. A company increases the bonus 3 times of its 50 employees. What is the % increase in bonus?

9. Air is cloud, cloud is rain, rain is water, water is sand, so what is cloud?

10. One question on relations

11. Two pipes can fill a tank in 5 hrs and 8 hrs. While a hole can empty it in 40 hrs. What will be the time taken to fill if each operate at a time.

12. In an elevator either 12 adults or 20 children can go. If 15 children already occupied the space, how many adults can go with children?
13 Amit’s D.O.B. is 3rd March 1980. Amit is four day’s older than Sumit. The Republic Day of 1980 is Thrusday. What is the day of Sumit,s D.O.B?

14. A is richer than B. B is richer than C. C is richer than D. D is richer than E. Then who is in the middle of this relation.

15. Problems on algorithms ie. eg.

1. A=0, B=1, C=1
2. A is replaced by C
3. B is replaced by 2A+1
4. C is replaced by A+B
5. If C>=100 goto step 7 else goto step 6
6. goto 2
7. stop.

Then you have to ans. some 3 questions based on the above algorithm.

i) What is the value of A?
ii) What is the value of B?
iii) What is the max no. of iterations till C<= 100.

16. Problems on shares, discount, profit and loss were there.

17. 2 problems on heights and distances , I don’t remember.

18. Simple problems on ratio, time and work, ages direct from RS Agarwal.

In logic- questions directly came from blood relations, some puzzles, alphabet ordering,
decoding and encoding.
ex: a_ baa_………

I don’t remember the sequence.


The topics were common ones i.e. in which most of us can speak. I felt that mostly they selected the candidates having good communication skills. We were divided in groups of 10. Our topic was “Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage”. I initiated the discussion and soon others followed. Sometime into the GD, I noticed that two of our group mates haven’t spoken. I then took the opportunity to invite them for their views. We had about 10 minutes to discuss. From our group 7 got selected to the next round of interview.


There were two panels. One consisted of people of tech & HR and the other HR. I was called by the former panel. My questions were mostly technical from topics in C, C++, networking and web technology (I had mentioned it in my CV). Towards the end the HR person just enquired about my family background.

By the time everything was complete, I was thoroughly exhausted. But, I was happy and very satisfied with my performance. And, surely enough late night when the result was declared, I found my name in the list!!!!

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