Manjula Devi’s experience of Hexaware Technologies

    Manjula Devi

Manjula Devi – GIET, Gunupur (2002 – 2006)
Hexaware Technologies

My experience of getting selected by Hexaware Technologies is one of most memorable occasions of my life and it gives me immense pleasure to share it with you all. I was one of those 12 candidates who were chosen by company from amongst the 612 candidates who appeared there selection test held on 7th February 2006 at ITER, Bhubaneswar.

The selection procedure of the company comprises three rounds. Written test, GD and PI.


  • It is of one hour and you have to solve 100 questions.
  • No negative marking, so you can try your luck!!!
  • There are two dimensions i.e. IT and Non – IT. As I was from Electronics back ground, I faced questions from subjects like Electronics circuits, Power Electronics etc
  • 15 questions were from English like synonyms, coding etc
  • 45 questions from Aptitude. RS Agarwal will be enough for that
  • Remaining 40 Question were technical i.e. from the branch subjects
  • Written test was very tough. Even time was not there to read all the questions. So, be prepared for that.
  • Be strong in your branch subjects and written test will be easier.
  • I guess the written test cut-off mark was 45+. So prepare accordingly!!!


  • In GD there will be a group of around 10-12 people.
  • We were given the opportunity to decide amongst ourselves the topic of the GD. This is a great opportunity to convince the group members for the topic you know!!!
  • The main point to be kept in consideration here that you have to talk and talk loud enough for your group members to take notice of you and listen to you.
  • However, guard the group from becoming a fish market because in that case the whole group runs the peril of being discarded.
  • The GD topics were mostly general ones like “Smoking should be banned in movies”, should reservation be there in Private sectors” etc


  • The interview is a composite one in the sense that both technical as well as personal questions were asked.
  • If you have done any Project then mention it. It can give you lot of mileage.
  • The HR person allowed me to speak on my area of excellence.
  • At least 2-3 branch subjects need to be thoroughly prepared to handle the technical questions comfortably as mostly they ask you on your areas of interest.
  • I was asked about the names of the subjects that were taught in the previous semesters.
  • A good knowledge of “C” language is must. This because if you are from a non-IT branch then they are going to check your programming skills. Questions on program syntax would be asked. I was asked to write programs in the interview.

This was all about my experience of how I faced the selection process. After I came out of the interview room, I requested all my friends to pray for me. The result was to be declared on 9th February’ 06 at 1.30 pm. When finally it was declared and they announced my name I almost cried. This was the first campus in which I could appear all the rounds. The credit for getting this job was not of mine alone but it also belongs to my parents and my guides Anukampa madam and Sumit Sir who prepared me for technical as well as GD and HR interview.

One final word, just give your best efforts and success will be yours.

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