Nafisa Shahin’s experience of Wipro Technologies

Nafisha Shahin

Nafisha Shahin – GIET, Gunupur (2002 – 2006)
Wipro Technologies

How can I forget the happiest moment of my life when I got a job in “WIPRO – Applying Thoughts”. WIPRO was scheduled for off-campus recruitment on 25th February 2006 at OEC, Bhubaneswar.

The program started with the Pre-Placement Talk by the company executives. Information like what the company does, the job of the engineers there, career path, pay scale etc were provided there. They gave us a clear picture about the company. Then, there was the Question and Answer session. I participated in it and enquired about the types of Projects that WIPRO takes up. Just after the PPT we were asked to go to our allotted rooms for the Written Test.


  • 50 questions and time 1 hour.
  • 3 sections with no negative marking. But section cut-offs were there.
  • Questions were from English, Aptitude and Reasoning.


  • Questions on Synonym – Antonym
  • Passage with four options. The wrong one has to be marked.
  • There were phrases for which a single word is to be provided
  • Find error in the sentence provided


  • Question dealing with volume of bucket which consists of 3 small pipes and one big pipe
  • Questions on father-son age.
  • Questions on percentage like alloy with given percentage of one metal. find the other
  • Every second 2 babies were born. How many in the year 2001?
  • Question on blood relations
  • Average, Time & distance, coding & decoding


  • Question on semaphore, queue.
  • Something on Static variable
  • Question on microprocessor
  • Output Calculation

One has to be really thorough in C, DS, C++, OS and microprocessor.

Here, I would like to thank Anukampa madam for her sample question papers (VSTs) which helped me immensely. Her guidance and suggestions gave me lot of confidence and I cleared the rounds comfortably.

Probable cut-off marks
English – 6, Aptitude – 7, Technical – 7.

Out of 850 students only 221 got elected for Technical Interview.

I was first asked for my resume. He then asked me about the Trainings I did. I told them about my training in Reliance Infocomm and gave them a CDMA overview. They asked me about the difference between CDMA and GSM. I had done by second training in Networking at STPI. So, they asked me what I had done there. Then about OSI model, TCP/IP model and their difference.

Then, they asked me my favourite subject. I had prepared myself for this but they didn’t ask me anything. They questions on Oscilloscope like the purpose of oscilloscope and the different types of waves. Then, difference between a step up and step down transformer. I was asked about Process Control Instrumentation, its implementation and advancement.

At the end they asked me about my family background.

Out of the 221 candidates, 120 cleared this round and they were given a form of the company to fill-up.


As my name was called, I went inside the interview room. The lady sitting inside took a glimpse of my form and then asked me to tell something about myself that is not mentioned in the resume. I told her about my family background. She then asked me about my hobbies. I told them singing & dancing. She then asked me, “Why don’t you make singing as your profession?” To this I said singing is my hobby whereas working in WIPRO is my ambition. At this the job is most important. The lady then asked me about the Pre-Placement talk. I said that the bond of rs. 75,000/- was quite surprising. She then asked me “Are you in favour”? I agreed and said that one should be loyal to the company and his work where he has suitably trained. It should not happen that you get trained in one and implement them in another. Then she asked me whether I was flexible in shifting. I readily agreed to that. I could feel that my answers have satisfied her and then with a smile she asked me to leave. And, when the results were declared there I was amongst the selected few to serve in WIPRO.

Finally, above everything, it is very important that one has lot of confidence and a pleasant personality.

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