Omkar’s experience of TCS

Omkar Dash

Omkar Dash, CVRCE (I.T), Bhubaneswar

Hello Frendz !!

I am Omkar Dash from CVRCE (I.T), Bhubaneswar. I was one of the lucky 130 students who got through campus recruitment procedure of TCS with success.

This is just to provide you an insight into what sort of qns can be asked in TCS interview.
The online exam was held on 14.03.08 followed by pi on 15.03.08 and the results were declared on 00:02 hrs of 16.03.08.

The PI was TECH+HR at a time. There were 15 panels each containing 2 people. Interviewers were reasonably cool but that dint promise good times to many during interviews. What i summed up from the interview was that the Pi round was totally attitude-centered. What they checked was attitude. And i have sound reasons to say so. Many people who were very good in tech dint qualify because the only lacunae they could have possibly have was lack of positive attitude and confidence. Well, communication skills were fine enough for many.

Let me now give a gist of my interview. Mine was the last interview of panel 5 in Slot 3 and it was basically a stress interview. It lasted for 35+ minutes and i was asked about all topics except C, C++, Data Structure, RDBMS, OS, or Computer Networks. (These were my core papers as my branch is IT). Now one would wonder what was asked. Well, I had a well tailored CV and even the HR made a great remark on my CV as “one of the best CVs that I have seen in recent times “. But that remark was the sole cause of the stress I was put into. In my CV, I had 6 bulleted points of Awards and Achievements out of which 3 were first prizes in Paper presentations (Human Area networking, Deep Web, Web 2.0).

My interview went like this:

(Member 1 : Tech- Male, member 2: HR-Female. I, accompanied by volunteer entered the interview room. Wished them. I was offered a seat)

Mem1: So Omkar, nice name.
Mem2: Tell us what do you do daily?
(I never expected this; all my friends were asked tell me about yourself. So paused for a while and then begun with confidence)

Me: I make my today better than my yesterday and strive for a better tomorrow!! I am eager for improving myself both personally and professionally. I try to be a better person with every passing day.

Mem2: Witty answer Omkar, but one could possibly infer that you are a bad person and just trying to be good.
Me: Mam, I think there always a scope for improving ourselves.

Mem1: Okay tell what all technical knowledge you have.
Me: Sir I know C, C++, Data Structures, and RDBMS.

Mem2: ( cutting me short) what else?
Me: OS, CN

Mem1: But we expect you to know something else, something more?
Me: Sir I know basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Mem2: What is normalization?
(I was about to begin but I was cut short again)

Mem1: What is DKNF?
(again cut short)

Mem1: What is a OORDMS?
Me: Sir, OORDBMS is Object Oriented DBMS.

Mem1: Okay tell me what two tier architecture is.
Me: I answered. e.g.: Client Server Architecture.

Mem1: Now, take is paper and explain me three tier architecture.
Me: Tried to explain. (But he interrupted)

Mem1: Ok, Omkar. Many of your friends will ask you what questions we have asked you. Its up to you what you tell them. But let me give you an example of three tier arch. That you should share with everyone sitting outside. (And he explained until he cleared all my doubts)

Mem2: Ok Omkar you have a Gmail Id , Tell me what Gmail uses ?

Mem1: What is AJAX?
Me: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML?

Mem1: What that XML?
Me: Sir XML stands for Extensible Markup Language.

Mem1: What is the best feature of XML?
Me: Sorry Sir.

Mem2: You don’t know anything.
Mem1: Okay explain me your 1st seminar.
Me: I explained.
(Then I was cross questioned on that)

Mem1: What is Web 2.0 omkar? (Web 2.0 was my seminar topic)
Me: Explained.

Mem2: Is it like a new www replacing the old?
Me: No sir, Not exactly, but adding new features to the old one for making it more user friendly.. etc etc

Mem1: What is Deep Web?
Me: Explained.

Mem1: How can you search in deep web?
Me: explained

Mem1: Ok tell me what an SQL query does?
Me: Sir, It’s a 4GL language. So it has to be converted into machine readable code for serving its purpose. Then I explained query processor

Mem1: Tell me about differences between Google query and SQL query?
Me: explained

Mem1: You have Data Structure in Syllabus na?
Me: Yes Sir.

Mem1: Explain me Hashing.
Me: Sorry sir. / I don’t know.

Mem2: Omkar you know all these useless things but you are not clear with basics.
Mem1: (To mem2) we are looking for smart guy, isn’t it? This guy knows good things but will he sustain in Industry without basics?

Mem2: TCS is not the right place for him.

Mem1: Ya, You are right.

Mem1: Omkar are you clear with basics, your comment on yourself?
Me: Sir, you have seen me what I am today. But as I said before I strive for constant improvement. I can guarantee that when I join the company I shall be thorough with basics. And wherever the flaw still existed, the training would clear it off. Because I have heard that TCS training is best in the world.
Mem2: Let’s see.

Mem1: Omkar explain me B+ trees.
Me: (started explained correctly and I was interrupted)

Mem2: Omkar tell me what is Indexing in Database?
Me: (Tried to explain)

Mem2: Dint I say you are simply bluffing. You are good for nothing. Why are you wasting your time here?

Mem1: I am sure you don’t know anything.
Me: Sir May be I don’t know all these hashing and indexing but I have learnability and I can
learn it in no time. If you could kindly explain me that and ask few questions may be I could answer it.

Mem1: So, am I here to teach you?
Me: No sir. I just try to make every experience a learning one. So I still request you to explain me.

Mem1: ( he explained)
Mem2: Omkar you seem fat? If you could not maintain you body how can you maintain a project?
Me: I am trying to reduce since past three months, and I have already shred away 7 kgs. Given more time, I will definitely shape up myself.
(Mem1 drew two tables and asked me to pick up the normalized one and I did so)

Mem1: What is paging?
Me: explained paging.

Mem1: what is an IVT?
Me: sir, IVT means Interrupt Vector table.

Mem2: No. Its not that, you don’t know anything. You are just bluffing.
Mem1: Ya, you are bluffing..(then he kept on quizzing me for another 5 minutes)

Frendz, this interview may not be repeated with anyone. But this was a guideline for answering such type of interviews. I just kept my cool , answered with smile on my face and confidence on my words. And I was through.

Yap , the last qn:

Mem2: Omkar do you think you are selected.
Me: Yes ma’m I do think so. Because I am still not convinced that I am rejected and still now there has not been a single moment I lost my confidence on my abilities. I have full trust on my skills and I believe that God is the wind beneath my wings.
Mem1: Omkar wait for results, Hope for the best!!

Come lets experience certainty.


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