Roshan Dehury’s experience of Satyam

Roshan Dehury

Roshan Dehury – OEC, Bhubaneswar (2002 – 2006)
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

Your first job is and rightfully will always remain one of your cherished memories. The same holds true in my case, too. And it feels great to relive those magical 2 days. SATYAM was scheduled for on-campus recruitment on 5th April ‘2005. I didn’t put undue pressure on myself and just went through the basics of Mathematics. I also looked down upon some elementary formulae. I woke up at my usual hour, had my daily ablutions and took off for college after saying my prayers.

The mood in the college was one of expectation. Before the recruitment test we had a Pre Placement Talk from the SATYAM associates. It was clinical presentation on what SATYAM actually is. It gave us a broader picture about the company. It was followed by a Question & Answer session where the SATYAM associates answered queries from the students. It was a smooth session and it was followed by the Aptitude Test. We had 30 minutes to solve 15 questions. The questions were all Mathematics based and were from the Class X syllabus along with some aptitude questions thrown in. I answered 8 questions correctly and didn’t attempt any further questions, as I figured out that with 8 correct answers, I will be able to clear the cut-off easily. Expectedly, I cleared the written when the results were declared at 1 p.m. and the successful candidates were asked to stay back for the GD session at 3 p.m.

We were allotted to groups for the GD session. Each Group consisted of 10 students. Mine was Group No.6 and GD started at around 3:45 p.m. There were 2 panelists from SATYAM in the room and we were made sit in a semicircle facing them. One of the associates gave us the topic – “Should human cloning be done?” We were given 2 minutes to think on the topic. After those 2 minutes, our GD started. One of the students opened the GD saying with conviction that it should be banned. I took the initiative and opposed his statement. The group got polarized and barring a few, almost everybody made a relevant point. At the end of around the 6th minute, the panelists asked all of us to summarise the GD individually. The GD then got over. I hadn’t been aggressive but had displayed signs of being a team player when I had asked a few people from our group to speak up and moreover, I had summarized the GD effectively. The results were declared at 4:30 p.m. and I had made it through to the next round.

We were then given a resume form where we had to fill in our personal details. Then the schedule for the interview session was announced, which was to be held at our city campus. I went back to my mess and pored through the basics of my core subjects (ICE & GT, Thermodynamics). I had a sound sleep after that and woke up rather late in the morning. I then pored over some general questions which may be asked. After that I got dressed up, had my lunch and proceeded for my interview session.

A large group of students had gathered for the interview and we exchanged notes. I engaged in some healthy and positive talk with my peers. It helped me in maintaining my composure. My name was called up at around 4:30p.m. I went inside the room and wished the 2 interviewers. Both were the same associates who sat in the GD panel. The interview started with some basic HR questions on my family background, the meaning of my name, etc. I answered those questions coolly.

Then followed the technical questions. What is a Gas Turbine? How does it work? Explain 2 stroke and 4 stroke mechanism. What are the laws of Thermodynamics? I answered all those questions to the best of my ability.

I was then questioned on my desire to do an MBA. I expressed my non-interest in the MBA arena. They still pestered me saying that I should go in for an MBA. I stuck to my answer and politely refused saying that I rather have an aptitude for the software arena. No questions were asked from the software field but was made aware of the fact that if you don’t perform, you are thrown out. I guessed the question was thrown to gauge my response. I answered that I fully understand the responsibilities and am willing to give my best. That pretty much satisfied them.

The interviewers then asked me to throw any questions I might have had. This was an opportunity for me and I picked it up – (i) Suppose, there are 2 persons in your company – one who has been with the company for years and the other who is good in his work but has been around for a lesser period. Both are due for promotion and whom will you promote? Why hasn’t the software potential in places like Gujarat, North East been tapped? They gave satisfactory answers to both my questions and that concluded the interview. Overall, when I look back, the interview went off peacefully and was satisfying, both from my viewpoint and I guess, from the viewpoint of the interview panel.

The results were declared at 7:30 p.m. and by 8:00 p.m. I was being flooded with requests for treats and parties. Yes, I had made it!

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