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Saidutta Bibhuprasad Behera

Saidutta Bibhuprasad Behera – ITER, Bhubaneswar (2003 – 2007)
Wipro Technologies

All my dear friends,

Let me introduce myself. I am SAIDUTTA BIBHU PRASAD Behera, a student of mechanical engineering of ITER. With the grace of GOD, my and my mentors’ effort & a bit of luck, I qualified through WIPRO in an on campus recruitment drive on 3rd March 5, 2006. I will ink down my experience in simple language to share with you which may be a solution to your queries you have regarding recruitment drives. I hope you will connect…

First of all – QUESTION PATTERN???


Questions were divided into 3 sections-VERBAL (15 question), ANALYTICAL (15 questions) & TECHNICAL (20 questions). No negative marking. Guess as much as you can as there is no accuracy rate.

Verbalquestions(Cutoff-6to7max.)were basically from Analogy, Jumbled sentences, Fill in the blanks. Also go through Antonyms and Synonyms.
Books I followed-BARONS, Word power made easy…

Analyticalsection(Cutoff-6to7max.) was completely filled with long reasoning questions(with simple answers).No questions came from Aptitude chapters like percentage, profit and loss, time and distance etc. BEWARE, questions patterns can change inadvertently. So you never know…

TechnicalSection(Cutoff-9to10max.) was a part which was challenging because in WIPRO questions come from different areas of computers NOT ONLY C, C++, Data structure and RDBMS. There was only 5 to 6 questions from C and C++ out of 20 questions (structure, postfix-prefix, virtual function, file handling etc.).So study different previous year question papers to understand from which areas questions are coming…


In my tech interview, I was asked questions for 40 minutes (out of which 20 minutes was of technical and 20 minutes directed to some HR questions to test my communication skills, body language). JUST SHOW YOUR CONFIDENCE ‘N’ BE IN A POSITIVE FRAME OF MIND – this is the key sentence which you need to work upon to qualify any interview. Confidence really matters. DEVELOP THE ART OF READING YOUR INTERVIEWER’S MIND -believe me, this will help you immensely. SPEAK CLEARLY, LOUDLY IN A CONVINCING MANNER AND WITH HONESTY. Communication skills really do matter. In all the interview panels, they looked out for smart people to fit into the corporate world. Let us look into the questions that were asked to me…

  • Most importantly, prepare a sensible and intelligent CURRICULUM VITAE .Don’t ever try to -COPY AND PASTE. Every CV was glanced line by line. Write about those things which are relevant to you.
  • Tell me something about yourself (just throw yourself into this question completely to create an impression).Nearly everyone was asked this question.
  • If you have written something about your project, then you are bound to be asked to explain your project. So, by writing on your project you can take 10 min. entirely in your stride. They asked me on my project ‘Specialization in AUTOCAD 2004’.
  • Most of the students (including me) were asked to speak on a specific topic for 5 minutes. I was asked to tell something on ‘Indian Ancient Monuments’. REMEMBER; keep on telling unless you are told to stop. Some were asked to tell on ‘WTC attack’ etc.
  • Then came the questions from C and C++. The questions will come from the subjects that you have written in your CV. The best part is that they understand the pressure of BPUT. Questions were like
    • What is the difference between C n C ++?
    • What is Polymorphism? How Polymorphism n Inheritance are related?
    • What is Virtual Function?
    • Write programs on Inheritance.
    • Basic concepts on C
  • Be ready to write any simple programs in C like recursion (factorial, Fibonacci series etc),matrix operations, string operations, structure, small codes(using for, while, do-while, if-else)
  • Acquire basic knowledge on Linked Lists, Stack and Queue, Sorting n Searching, Postfix-Prefix operations, trees n graphs. DON’T NEGLECT DATA STRUCTURE. Students got disqualified as they failed to answer on DSTC.
  • Have fundamental knowledge on RDBMS (like different keys, Normalization, indexing, Transaction management).
  • Have a overall fundamental idea of your branch papers (especially your favorites) as this is very crucial.

When I was asked about Polymorphism, I started with a bang explaining everything including operator overloading, function overloading, virtual function until he stopped me (when I was about to write program on virtual function) telling “I am impressed by your prowess in C++, you don’t need to explain more”.

MORAL OF THE STORY– Just keep on answering any question of your ‘comfort zone’ confidently (just tell whatever you know relating to that) until he is satisfied.

I was asked to have a ‘GROUP DISCUSSION’ in the TECH INTERVIEW??? So , expect the unexpected in an interview. I was made to go through GD with a girl on the topic ‘INDIAN POLTICS’.If you don’t know the answer of any question then, speak out a ‘POLITE NO’. Don’t hesitate. But if you don’t know the answer but know something related to it then speak it out after taking permission.

BOOKS I FOLLOWED-Let us C, Pointers by Kanetkar, Explorer in C , Kamthane, and C IT ZEN materials.

In the entire interview, my eyes were stuck to the HR form thinking whether I will get it or not (the glance of the HR form constantly inspired and motivated me). But as we say- ‘Fortune favours the brave’. I could not believe having the HR form in my hand. It was the most happiest moment of my life. Then came the turn of HR Interview. So, let’s see what happened there…


I was ecstatic & extremely happy for qualifying the technical interview. So,I was extremely confident of sailing thru the HR interview & became complacent. But, my seniors (who were volunteers and WIPROites) made me aware about my ‘last hurdle’ which was yet to be completed. Then I controlled myself and prepared to take on the last quarter. In my HR interview, first of all he asked me about myself and my college. Then he asked me WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU? I answered in a usual simple way-Sir, your company needs smart & intelligent people who have got good analytical & communicative skills & I perfectly justify to your needs. I am creative, diligent & honest. I have got basic knowledge of C & C++. Next-YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT C & C++,RIGHT?-Sir, both these prodigious languages are like boundless reservoir of knowledge so if I say I know everything about C & C++ then I will belittle the power of C & C++-He was visibly impressed by my answer (This answer was told to me by one my senior).He asked me about our tech fest ‘CHAKRAVYUH'(as I was the coordinator)-WHAT DOES CHAKRAVYUH MEANS?-I replied that “CHAKRAVYUH is something where ITERites will get in and come out successfully unlike Abhimanyu in Mahabharata”. Now he suddenly told me that “YOU HAVE GOT WEIRD COMMUNICATION SKILLS”(even after being completely aware of my nice communication skills ). I refused to admit it and showed my state level essay and debate awards after which he admitted of trying to test me. so, ALWAYS STICK TO YOUR INSTINCTS N PREPARE BACK-UPS FOR YOUR EVERY ANSWER. Then he asked the ultimate question “ARE U READY TO SIGN THE BOND WITH WIPRO N WORK IN ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY?” n my answer was obvious. And I knew I was selected as I saw my interviewer putting a tick on the ‘SELECT’ option in the HR form….I was on cloud nine…exultant n enraptured…

Believe me, there is NO TIPS OR TRICKS to qualify any recruit test. Of course, LUCK has got its own share. But EFFORT is a constant which is under your control unlike LUCK which is beyond your control. So, STOP thinking about luck n concentrate on-‘GIVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE SHOT, BELIEVE IN GOD AND believe me, RESULTS WILL FOLLOW YOU. Always remember to ‘PREPARE FOR THE WORST N HOPE FOR THE BEST’. Always think of the- ‘spark in your parent’s eyes'( whenever we complete their dreams)-that’s the ultimate motivation…

My eminent n sterling mentors at C IT ZEN :
Needless to say, I am indebted to my SWEET and LOVELY Anukampa madam whose ‘mesmerizing smile’ has been a boost for us and ‘constructive criticism’, a wake up call. I have never ever come across a dedicated pedagogue like Rasmi Sir who always believed in me and helped me with his ‘priceless n substantial feedbacks’. And of course, our very own Sumit Sir without the relentless and tenacious toil of whose, our success would have been a distant dream. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my esteemed teachers in my college, my friends’ n my lovely seniors.

And at last, a big THANKS to my beloved ‘SAIBABA’ who has been…

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