Sandeep Goutam’s experience of Wipro Technologies

S. Sandeep Gautam – ITER, Bhubaneswar (2002 -2006)
Wipro Technologies

Ever since I joined ITER, the only thing that stayed rock solid in my mind was to get a good job. I started thinking that I was born just to get a job. That’s the biggest mistake anybody can do. My sincere advice is to take it just as one of the important tests in life.

Prior preparation helps a great deal in building confidence in oneself. Remember TIME is your most precious commodity and it is nonrenewable. So, prepare gradually, steadily and surely. Allot time to study fundamentals, Aptitude, English and not to forget your course. Keep yourself informed about the world around you. Realize the power of self examination. Be a self critic. Know your shortcomings and strive to improve.

Now coming on to the recruitment day, its like a cricket ODI. Whatever you did till then doesn’t count (except for your career marks). No matter how much you prepare, your performance on that very day is only what is seen.

Pre Placement Talk

  • Information about the company like history of the company, career path, pay scale etc. was provided.
  • It is important to note down few things especially the career path which is a frequently asked question in HR Interview.

Written Test

  • 50 Questions, Time 1 hour
  • 3 Sections, no-negative marking, each section cut off
  • English, Aptitude & Technical

    English 15 Questions
    • Synonym, Antonym Simple ones
    • Sentence Improvement
    • Comprehension
    • Questions were not very difficult.
    • Easy to get passing marks.
    • 3 to 4 questions are on Match the most appropriate meaning of a world in the context of sentence given, options were 4 dictionary meanings of the word.

    Aptitude 15 Questions

    • Time & Distance
    • Work & Wages
    • Questions based on age
    • Average
    • Compound Interest
    • Coding Decoding
    • Boat & Stream
    • Profit & Loss
    • One area of triangle question

    Technical 20 Questions

    Questions were set not to test how talented we are but to test how lucky we are.

    Electrical questions – 4 to 5 questions

    A Circuit was shown -> which expression is relayed by the Circuit

    Simple current voltage questions

    One question on selection of appropriate model given some business requirements options were waterfall model etc.

    C, C++ questions to final output – 4 to 5 questions were too lengthy & complicated 2 to 3 questions were easy, based on function call, static concept etc

    Cut off Marks – (Most Probably)

    English -> 6

    Maths -> 6

    Technical -> 8

    Out of 245 students 120 got selected


I can never stop talking about it.

It went fantabulously for me, many thanks to Sumit Sir, It went exactly the way I wanted.

First question was about virtual function, I gave a confident (that’s the key), definite & bit elongated answer, and took names like constructor, destructor & pointer very confidently.

Interviewer asked me whether I have mastered file concept & pointer concept.

I knew I had to play safe so I gave a philosophical answer saying “C, C++ is like an ocean, I have studied this language for more than 2 years but still I cannot claim that I have owned even a drop of it as it will belittle the power of C”.

He asked me write a program to add natural numbers within any range.

I did it using loop.

He then asked me to do it using just an expression, did it using formula

(n(n+1)/2) – (m(m+1)/2)

Asked me about paging, demand paging & segmentation & how these are implemented.
About threads

OSI model
www, URL, DNS, How emails works internet.

I had mentioned SQL only.
He sarcastically asked me why I did only SQL I said “Sir I have a ORACLE 9i certificate with A+ grade but I could not raise the whole ORACLE course I am confident in the SQL part. So I don’t think I deserve a mention of ORACLE 9i in my resume.
He asked me few SQL questions –

Sub query, Join etc.

Thank you Anukampa Madam, I could answer these well.

He said very sweetly “Sandeep, I don’t see any mention of project here”
I said “Sir I have a dream project”
Thanks Sumit Sir – I had planned it properly and gave a beautiful idea.
When asked how far I had progressed I said “Sir, I am doing data collection task right now, after my exams are over I will start my project in a proper manner.
He wished me luck for the success of my project and gave me a form & said “Sandeep, get ready for the HR Interview”.

Introduce yourself
I have a very interesting hobby that I mentioned I like beautifying things, I knew it would attract few questions.
He asked me to beatify the room the best beautification work I had done, difference between decoration & Beautification
Questions on my achievements followed soon
How you become Mr. Genesis?
The first success that you tasted in life.
Strengths -> Make at least 2 stories on each of your strength so that you are never short of words (suggestion that I had got)
Weakness -> Be very careful it should not be conflicting. (suggestion that I had got)
5 reasons why we should select you?
5 reasons why you want to join WIPRO?
What do you know about WIPRO?
Full form of WIPRO.
Career Path
Did Pre Placement talk helped you in any manner.
How are you going to handle the bond period.
When was the last time you were in crisis.
What is the toughest task that you have successfully done?

One Final Word


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