Shubhakanta Mohanty’s experience of TCS

G. Ravi Sandeep

Shubhakanta Mohanty – OEC, Bhubaneswar

3rd April, 2005- an unforgettable date for me. TCS was going to conduct the campus drive for our batch. It was a Sunday. I woke up in the morning at 6 and took a bath. Then I went for puja and with utmost honesty I prayed for a job in TCS. The recruitment drive was about to start sharp at 9 in our college campus.

There were about 550 odd students hunting for the job that day and fortunately I was one of them. My father just said,” Try for it, its a TATA group company”. However I reached college collected my hall ticket and went into the hall to attend Pre Placement Talk (PPT) of TCS.

It started at 10 o’clock. There were two HR personnel who gave the PPT. PPT session ended at 12 noon. I noted some interesting points about TCS. Then the time came where all your experiences that you have gained in 20 years were to be tested – “Online Test”.

There were 100 students in the first batch of the written test along with me. It was a test of 1hr 45min and consisted of three sections namely English (32), Aptitude (34) and Reasoning (12).

Aptitude was non-multiple choice questions and we have to write correct answer by just solving the problems. I answered 65 questions which I thought was enough for clearing the online test.

After the green signal in the online test which was really a decider for me, I was confident of cracking in Tech Interview. I was so excited that I was the first man to go for the Tech Interview. It was a panel interview and my panel consisted of two persons. There were other panels that consisted of 3 to 4 persons.

I was confident but luckily there was no mark of it inside the Interview room. However with a very big smile I greeted them. They also welcomed me with very good gesture. Then the episode began and the sword was on my neck. The first question was to introduce myself. Then they shifted towards Pointers in C along with queries from C++, Data Structures (with programs), Operating Systems, Networking (this is the summer training part), and Software Engg. and lastly some fundamentals of DBMS. This was an episode of 40 to 45 minutes. As a concluding remark they said, “Just wait outside our HR n MR team will consult you”. I thought I cleared it and was overjoyed but it was fleeting moment of ecstasy since everyone has got the same response. So there was nothing to do but just wait and watch.

After 5 min the results were announced and out of the first five only three were selected for HR round and my name was there. Then quickly with no time there was an announcement “Subhakanta come soon you have the HR round”.

I hurried and even didn’t have time to see the profile of TCS.

It was also a panel interview and there were three HR personnel. One of them put his arm on my shoulder and escorted me into the room and instead of sitting in front of me he sat by the side of my chair. I was totally unaware about the things that were happening around me.

Then the next episode started with quite an amazed question i.e “Do you believe in hypnotism”. I replied calmly, “No Sir”. Then they said,”Then how come you have mesmerized our technical panel since they are continuously sending good reports about you”. This statement boosted my confidence and I was ready for next questions as they assured me that they are not going to ask any more technical questions.

They asked about general things related to attitude, personality and behaviours. The HR interview got over within 15 to 20 minutes. At last they asked me “What are your chances of getting through?” I replied diplomatically,” I think I have fair chances”. That was the end of the whole game. Then the waiting era started and ended at 10 o’clock in the night with my name at 5th place in the result sheet!!!!

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