Vijayalaxmi’s experience of Infosys

Vijayalaxmi Mohapatra

Vijayalaxmi Mohapatra, NIST, Berhampur

Hello friends….
This is Vijayalaxmi Mohapatra, a 6th semester student of NIST, Berhampur. I recently got through the campus placement drive of Infosys. I am sharing my experience with you so that all my friends out there can benefit from it.

Infosys visited our campus on 2nd April 2008.On the day of the campus the recruitment team arrived at the college at around 10:00 a.m. .The recruitment drive began with their usual pre-placement talk in which they familiarized us with their organization, their objectives, training procedure, centers, client lists and their promotional video (which I must admit was very good.)After that, we had a written examination conducted by their team (all vocabulary and reasoning). Of all the students 59 were shortlisted for the interview.

As there was no technical interview in Infosys, we were a bit relaxed. However, the HR manager told us that non-technical does not mean that they did not insist upon the quality of the students. If we were selected in the recruitment procedure, we should be sure that we were worth the recruitment. That was pretty much evident in the number of students who qualified the written round. We were divided into groups and escorted to our respective interview rooms. By then every one of us had butterflies in the stomach.

When my turn for the interview came, I had become pretty nervous. When I entered the room, I saw that there was only one interviewer. He was an elderly gentleman. I wished him good day. He responded with a smile and asked me to take a seat. His smile put me on ease and I gained my composure. Here is a description how the interview went:

Interviewer: So Vijayalaxmi, tell me about yourself?

Me: I am Vijayalaxmi Mohapatra… a 6th semester student of electronics and telecommunication, Nist, Berhampur.i have done my 10th and 12th from APS, Jodhpur scoring 89 and 87 percentage respectively. I am a very straightforward, honest and extrovert person with the motto “there is a better way for everything… and we just have to find it!” Being an extrovert, I am quite adaptive to work in teams and have appreciable leadership qualities as well. About my family …my father is an ex-army person and currently the regional manager in Avi marketing services, my brother is a software engineer in tcs and my mom is a housewife.

Interviewer: What do you mean when you say honest?

Me: Sir, when I say honest I mean honest to I am honest my beliefs. If I think, something is right I will stand by it irrespective of anything.

Interviewer: Why would you have to stand against anything?

Me: Not necessarily, I said that I would stand by anything I believe in. I never meant to always be opposing. If something is good, I will be willing to imbibe it. (He smiled at it!)

Interviewer: So you are pretty adaptable?
Me: Yes, I am.

Interviewer: So what are your strong points?
Me: I am very confident, adaptive, quick learner and very good in communication.

Interviewer: So what languages do you know?
Me: English, Hindi, Oriya and a little bit of French.

Interviewer: Little bit.
Me: I am not fluent in it.

Interviewer: So what all activities do you love to indulge?
Me: I love reading fiction, writing non-fiction, travelling and talking to my friends at leisure.

Interviewer: Who is your favorite author?
Me: Jane Austen.

Interviewer: and what all places have you been?
Me: I have been to Jammu, Mumbai, Amritsar, Calcutta, Jhansi, Gwalior, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Jodhpur, Bhubaneswar, Puri etc.

Interviewer: so which is your favorite place and why?
Me: Sir, Jodhpur is my favorite because I had stayed at that place during one of the most significant phases of my life, most of my friends are there, my last years of the schooling was done there besides which it is an absolutely beautiful place and one can see forts palaces and the culture in its full majesty over there.

Interviewer: So you have had an army background. What benefits did you have from it?
Me: I imbibed the qualities of discipline, adventure, patriotism, courage, adventure and loyalty.

Interviewer: what opinion do you have about the recent Shilpa Shetty- Big brother episode? Do you think you would have done in her place?

Me: Sir, I am very proud to be an Indian. In addition, there is no way I would have been submissive about the racial issue. I think I would have raised my voice against the injustice and insults and stood for my respect as well as for the respect for my nation. Shilpa in this regard has acted in a very dignified manner. She should be appreciated for that.(He nodded)

Interviewer: Are you proud of your parents?
Me: Yes, I am.

Interviewer: is there anything bad about them?
Me: Pardon sir.

Interviewer: Is there anything that you have complaint against them or you want them to change?
Me: No, Sir. I am proud of my parents and I respect them the way they are.

Interviewer: I see. You are actually very honest about yourself.
Me: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: It was refreshing to meeting you and a pleasure too. (He offered his hand)
Me: Same here. Thank you sir. (Shook hands and left the room.)

I came out of the room in a very optimistic mood and happy. I was pretty confident about the result. And here it was … I got selected!

Wish everybody appearing for campus recruitments all the best !!

Vijayalaxmi Mohapatra.

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